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Project Gallery - Improved Building Management System

CB Controls has provided a wide range of controls services to companies and institutions throughout Southern California during the last three decades. Our expertise is exceeded only by our commitment to service and support.


Epic Property Management Group

  • ASI BACnet Building Automation System
  • RTU & VVT System
  • Boiler System

 BACnet, BAC net

Mercedes Benz-Temecula

  • ASI BACnet Building Automation System
  • 2 story car dealership
  • RTU & VVT System
  • Boiler System
  • LEED


DDC Controls, controls DDC

Los Alamitos Readiness Center/HQ

  • Johnson Controls -  BACnet Building Automation System
  • 75,000 sf facility consisting of a two story central structure containing open and closed office space, conference rooms, emergency operating center (E.O.C.) and lobby/entry ways and a one-story support structure that includes offices, kitchen, restrooms, locker rooms, classrooms/library unit storages, weapon vault, and break rooms
  • LEED- Silver

HVAC Controls, controls HVAC

March AFB new Control Tower and Base Operations Facility

  • March Air Reserve Base's 16,000 sq. foot airfield traffic control tower and base operations facility.
  • BACnet Building Automation System
  • VRF HVAC System
  • Energy Recovery System
  • 10 story Control Tower
  • LEED Project

Building Automation, automation building

29 Palms Marine Air Ground Combat Center

  • Miscellaneous DDC projects

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Building Management System, management system building

La Sierra School of Business

  • ASI BACnet Building Automation System
  • $16 million, 60,200-square-foot
  • LEED

VAV System

South Central-Los Angeles Regional Center

  • 80,000 sf 6 story building
  • ASI BACnet Building Automation System
  • RTU & VVT System
  • Boiler System
  • LEED

Health Care

building management system

San Antonio Medical Plaza - Eastvale

  • ASI BACnet Building Automation System
  • RTU & VVT System
  • Boiler System

Water Treatment

DDC Controls

Michalson WTF-Irvine Biosolids & Energy Recovery Facilities Project

  • state-of-the-art organics-handling system
  • biosolids processing, biogas management, and energy recovery systems
  • Electro Mechanical Building Automation System
  • LEED